Peter Willert


I'm Peter. A german Engineering Manager living in Berlin.

I studied Computer Science in 2004 and started working as Frontend Engineer in 2007. After an internship in 2007 I joined the Engineering Team of the, back then, fast growing social network studiVZ. This is where I grew from plain HTML/CSS engineer to Senior Frontend Engineer with a wide experience in technologies and methods.

In 2014 I joined EyeEm and today I'm still with them. During the years we've rebuild the frontend architecture from the ground up, developed the EyeEm Market and went through lot of interesting changes and growth challenges.

Today I'm supporting EyeEm as Engineering Manager on the frontend and market team. Where I'm working with the team to build software to empower our customers and colleagues to achieve their goals.

In 2011 I co-founded and organized BarCamp Erfurt. It's a conference about youth and children media.

In my spare time I think a lot about my next coffee and like to travel with my wife Alexandra.